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The Passion

Jen’s Artisan Breads strives to bring you a healthy loaf of bread, bursting with flavor. Our bread is slow fermented, using high quality flour, filtered water, and fresh ingredients, that are local when possible.

Our passion is two-fold, not only to bake bread that provides nourishment, but also allows us to form valuable friendships, gathering opportunities and promote community. We believe bread can be comforting and life giving.

  • Jen’s cranberry orange bread makes fabulous French toast!


    Penny McIntire, Facebook Reviewer
  • This bread is so good that I try to take it in my suitcase when I travel. Great bread great variety!


    James Brown, Facebook Reviewer
  • Wow… where has this bread been in the now 25 years I have been in the USA!


    David Poole, Facebook Reviewer

Our Bakers


Jennifer Koertner

Mount Morris resident Jennifer Koertner has always loved to bake. She fell in love with the breads she found in Europe while serving in the U.S. Army. Instead of the mess hall for breakfast, you could find her at the local backerei. For years, she has been in pursuit of that perfect loaf – a substantial bread with a crusty exterior and chewy crumb. To her delight she has found that artisan bread, and is able to provide it and other goodies for you today at local events and farmer’s markets.

Sarah Meacham

When I went to the farmers market in Oregon, IL, I bought a loaf of Jen’s bread. I was in love and knew I needed more of this in my life. It was exactly the kind of crusty bread I was looking for. I found her on Facebook and began to follow her. I was able to talk to her at a winter market at The Cypress House in Rochelle, IL. She delivered my bread order to the business I was working in as a cook. It was there she asked me if I would like to help her bake. That was over 5 years ago and we’ve been baking ever since.



Baguette $3.50


Perfect for Italian beef sandwiches, au jus, garlic bread with fresh Parmesan cheese, or toasted golden brown for bruschetta appetizers.

Bird Bread $8

Marry this nutty bread with grilled cheese for a delicious surprise or simply toast and enjoy with butter and honey.

Brewer’s Choice $5/$7.50

Country White $4.50/ $6.50

A wonderful, versatile, crusty, everyday bread for all times and all tables.

Farmhouse Oatmeal $8

Reminiscent of meals on the farm, served up warm and hearty, this aromatic, whole grain bread is slightly moist with a softer texture and flavor. It’s the perfect all-around accompaniment to breakfast, lunch or supper and deserves a place at any table where hungry eaters gather.

Multigrain $6.50

Excellent for all sandwiches, this is another moist and versatile bread loaded with cracked and whole flax, steel-cut oats, and rye that also makes topnotch buttered toast for any time of day.

Sourdough $6.50

That great, versatile favorite with its mild tang, great crust, and soft, chewy interior complete with holes, sourdough’s fermentation process makes this the perfect bread for anyone with gluten sensitivities.

Fruited / Sweet

Apricot Dried Plum $8

A savory, not-too-sweet surprise that will perfectly compliment a holiday meal when warmed and served with butter and honey.

Blueberry Lemon $8

Elevate your French toast with this delectable bread and top it off with a blueberry compote or lemon and honey marmalade.

Cherry Walnut $8

Sophisticated plates will cheer over Feta grilled cheese sandwiches made with this savory bread or surprise your salad by using it for homemade croutons

Chocolate Babka $6.50/ $10

A favorite with customers, this luscious treat is laden with melt-in-your-mouth flavor and is your ticket to relaxation when gently warmed and paired with a dry red wine. Small or large loaf.

Chocolate Stout $6.50/ $10

A rich and tasty pairing of decadent dark chocolate bites and the slow-roasted grains in chocolate stout. Equally perfect when toasted on a chilly morning or paired in the evening with a cold, full-bodied ale. Small or large loaf.

Cinnamon Raisin Swirl $6/ $10

A breakfast and brunch staple or the foundation for a show-stopping Sunday morning Strata. Small or large loaf.

Cranberry Orange $8

Pair this tangy/sweet treat with sliced turkey and a spread of herb cream cheese for a totally terrific grilled sandwich.

Specialty Items

Biscotti $9.00

When the occasion calls for this traditional Italian dipping cookie, it pairs perfectly with coffee, tea, or a glass of your favorite wine.

Date-Walnut,  Cranberry-Orange, and Dark Chocolate. 1/2 Dozen.

Bread Bowls $2.50

Use our bread bowls to hold your favorite soup or dip.

Cinnamon Roll $3

Each cinnamon roll is packed with cinnamon, sugar, and spices. Wrapped in old world goodness. These rolls are sure to wow. Frosting packaged on the side to accommodate taste.

Carmel Walnut Roll $4.50

Each sticky bun is baked in good company on top of the most delicious, walnut-studded caramel you will have the pleasure of enjoying. A sticky, sweet treat! Order a few to share.

Croissant $3.50

Flaky, buttery layers of goodness. Made traditionally. The French traditional way.


Chocolate croissant $4.50

Flaky, buttery layers of goodness with chocolate chips. Made traditionally. The French traditional way.


Honey Butter $6

Our honey butter is lovingly mixed in our kitchen using sweet creamery butter, golden honey and a dollop of liquid sunshine for good measure. It’s a perfect spread for all our breads warmed or toasted in the morning – but especially when paired with our nutty or multigrain varieties. 4 oz. jar.

Par Baked Pizza Crust $5

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